A Symphony of Nature and Craftsmanship

Indonesia’s lush landscapes hold the secret to our signature: rattan woven pieces that embody both nature’s resilience and our artisans’ finesse. Rattan, the robust natural fiber born from climbing palm vines, thrives under the embrace of South East Asia’s tropical sun, particularly Indonesia. It grows organically, a testament to nature’s bounty and biodiversity.

Harvesting rattan is a labor of love, a dance between artisans and nature. Armed with machetes, harvesters discern ripe vines, braving thorns and wild terrain. From harvest to weaving, a meticulous process unfolds, as local workers lend their hands to cleaning and drying the rattan, ensuring its readiness for transformation.

The result is a material that dances between flexibility and durability, a true testament to nature’s artistry. Our artisans, in their skilled hands, transform rattan into pieces that transcend trends, becoming timeless gems that grace homes with their intricate details, warmth, and lightness. Rattan isn’t just furniture; it’s a symphony of tradition and craftsmanship, a melody that seamlessly blends with any home’s rhythm.