Dreaming is not free. you have to take part.
Bet everything on Red. Sleep without a pillow.
Live without maps. Look straight, jump ahead.


We launched ourselves towards a dream. That´s how Mahe was born

Right before this dream came true, we had just met. We were those better halves that everyone looks for and luckily we met. We often felt like we were each other’s missing piece of the puzzle.

He - the islander, from Havana, organized, grounded, sociable, persistent; Me from downtown Madrid, impulsive and chaotic, dreamy, shy and reserved, impatient...

And the dream became true - we moved to Bali and the adventure began. The island did its part and captivated us with its way of life, its tradition, its spirit... and above all, the skill and ability of local artisans to capture all kinds of products and bring them to life on any material.


the way

Deco lovers

For more than 4 years we designed, created and brought to life many products and ideas, till we created our first Catalogue.

We returned back to Spain and start sharing our creations in pop-up stores, deco markets and our own Shop, to finally jump to the wholesale market which is today the core of our business.

Nowadays we keep growing our artisans´ family and pay them a visit a few times per year. Also we have found incredible artisanal talent in Spain, India and Portugal that have joined our Universe.

We are Marta and Herice


MaHe is the union of our first two syllables of our names and at the same time, it is the mixture of cultures, experiences, emotions and dreams.

This union represents our brand and our idea of home: within your house there is a common thread between objects and spaces that speaks of you and your loved ones. Travels, memories, heritage, loved objects, heirlooms and purely practical and neutral furniture are all mixed.

Your home is bound to your life, and for us, it´s a gift to be part of it.

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