Happy Ducks

Where Nature and Art Converge

If you’ve encountered Mahe Homeware, you’ve likely encountered our vibrant ducks, a fusion of artistry and nature’s charm. These colorful creatures, with their sleek silhouettes and vivid hues, embody the joy that art brings to our lives.

But did you know? Ducks have been nature’s partners in Southeast Asian rice cultivation for generations. As they traverse rice fields, they naturally control pests and enrich the soil, a harmonious dance that exemplifies the beauty of sustainable coexistence.

Handcrafted in Indonesia, our ducks emerge from skilled hands that meticulously carve bamboo roots into enchanting forms.

The process is a symphony of manual precision, each element meticulously shaped, from the central body to the intricate head and legs, carved from teak wood.

A splash of color occurs in Spain, where the A la Par Foundation adds the final brushstrokes. Here, individuals with intellectual disabilities lend their talents to painting, packaging, and labeling the ducks, a testament to the power of community and inclusivity. This partnership not only crafts beautiful art but nurtures skill development and a sense of purpose.

” I’m a happy duck made of bamboo and teak wood, handcrafted and painted by talented artisans. I’m not perfect but this makes me unique, you will not find others like me! I will brighten up any space, find me a place. “

With every stroke of paint, our ducks come to life, embodying the soul, dedication, and love poured into their creation. At Mahe Homeware, we believe in celebrating the stories behind every piece, where nature’s beauty meets human artistry, and where each creation finds its voice in the symphony of existence.